Chore Monster

After years of charts and lists and point systems, I’ve recently discovered a new chore system called Chore Monster!

Chore Monster is an app and a website. If your kids have iTouches (or iPhones, I suppose) they can log on to the Chore Monster app to see their chores. You sign up on their website, where you can assign chores with whatever frequency you like.

Chore Monster also keeps track of points that are earned (you decide how many points each chore is worth). These points can be turned in for rewards, which you select and list. Plus, the app itself awards random monsters, which the kids can collect.

So far I’ll say it has several things going for it. For one, the app is full of monsters. Not scary ones, fun ones. The graphics are fun and the kids look forward to checking up on their chores. On the negative side, there’s potty humor. But the kids like that, too.

They’re still in Beta testing mode, so in order to join you’ll have to go to their website and request an invite code. We’ve only just started using the app, so I can’t give a full review, but I’m hopeful. I’ll write it up thoroughly in a few months.

Check it out!


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