How To Do It All… part two

I know I promised some practical tips on home management, but before we get that far, we’ve got to deal with something far more important: attitude. All the systems and tips in the world aren’t going to make a house run smoothly if Mama’s bitter and frustrated. I’m sure no one reading this has a problem with attitude – just me. So let me talk to me for a little bit:

“Listen, me. You’ve got to quit the whining. Look, raising a pack of kids, homeschooling and keeping all the plates spinning is hard work. But remember, you signed up for this. Yes, I know, the laundry never ends. There are always dirty dishes in the sink. Those kids want dinner every single day. It’s exhausting. But here’s the thing – that stuff isn’t going away. And your complaining about it doesn’t make it easier or better, it makes it harder and worse. Take a look at all that stuff and get some good systems in place. Make it as painless as possible to keep up with it all. Accept that some days it won’t all get done, and make it a goal to do better tomorrow. Most importantly, change your attitude. If you keep a cheerful attitude, everyone in your house will have a better day.

Oh, and let’s talk about all the other stuff you feel like you need to do. Let’s take soccer, for instance. You signed the kids up for that, remember? You chose to do it. So you don’t get to gripe about the cost, and the time it takes in your week, and the drive, and the snacks, and the weather. If every time you look at that thing on the calendar you get bitter inside, then stop doing it. Don’t tell me you can’t. I know you think it’s good for the kids, but you’ve got to look at it objectively and weigh your options. If you feel like the benefit for the kids is outweighed by how much you really hate doing it – quit. Yes, I said quit. Because being grumpy about it all the time is sucking the life out of your home. But if you really feel like the benefit to the kids is more important than the inconvenience to you, than suck it up and quit your whining. I know it’s hard. If you really feel overwhelmed, give a good friend a call and tell her. Then pick yourself up, remind yourself that you made a choice, and move forward.

Remember, your kids pick up on your tone and attitude. They will begin to reflect your character. Think about that for a minute. What kind of choices do you want them to make? How do you want them to behave when stuff is hard or inconvenient? Start to behave like that, and you might be surprised the positive changes that start to take place.

Listen me, you’re doing a great job. We all need a little pep talk now and again. Don’t let it get you down! You’re a great mom and your family is lucky to have you. Keep up the good work.”




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