I Am Spock

I just had a blast taking my very first Myers-Briggs personality test. Why I never did before is beyond me, because I just love stuff like this. And now that I know my personality type, I know why!

But before we get to the results, I had to share some of the questions that I found amusing.

There were a few that I didn’t understand at all.

You prefer activities that affect your emotions (e.g. sympathy).


Small talk is fun.

Do people actually think these things? Somebody who’s more sensitive please explain to me why you would prefer to engage in activities that affect your emotions.

Then there were those that fit me to a T.

You would rather come up with an action plan than deal with its implementation.

Summer is my favorite – two full months of planning for school. Actually doing what I’ve planned is less fun.

You seek to have as much control over your life as possible.

My husband is laughing right now.

And then there was this one.

You are never late to work or meetings.

Ok. If I didn’t have five children to drag around everywhere I would SO be on time! All the time! Early even! As it stand, being late is one of my major pet peeves in life. But that doesn’t stop it from happening regularly.

If you know me, you’re probably not surprised to hear that I share a personality trait with Vladimir Putin, Professor Moriarty and Spock: I’m an INTJ. And here’s a fun fact: INTJs are known for not being very good in social situations, for hating small talk and being wallflowers. I am not like that. Want to know why? I learned early on as a pastor’s wife that if I didn’t talk to people, I came off as rude. For years my most dreaded five minutes of every week were the five minutes during service when the pastor said, “Turn around and meet a few people”. I wanted to crawl under my chair. So I forced myself to learn how to talk to people. Now I talk to people all the time, but the truth is that I tend to overcompensate for not feeling comfortable by talking too much. Then I go home and kick myself for blabbering on and on about myself. Now you know.

So what’s your type? If you don’t know, you can go here and take the test yourself. Come back and let me know!



One thought on “I Am Spock

  1. for my daughter, I find it ironic that I am an INFJ to your INTJ when I think you are the most amazing woman/person I know and the results appear on the surface to be similar. Go figure. Maybe there was something wrong with the way I took the test, it only took a few minutes and the directions implied it could take much longer, that one might even need a break. Could it be I know myself well? That would make sense. Or….I just did it wrong! It was fun and interesting. A bit introspective, reminding me of my hippie days and I’m really more interested in hearing my husband’s results. Am going to share with friends and family yet only a little bit since I’m not very social!

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