Everything You Need to Know About the Government Shut Down

Fun stuff.

This was a great and easy to read article outlining the effects of the shut down. I did find some of the points interesting, for example, that this is the 17th shut down since 1977. And look! We’re all still here. Also, it seems the things most people are worried about, such as Social Security, Veterans payments, Food Stamps and the mail, will be unaffected. And of course, the President and Congress will still get paid, so don’t worry about them.

I found this ironic:

 Why can’t Congress agree? The Republican-controlled House has passed a spending bill that maintains spending levels but does not provide funding to implement the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. The Democratic Senate insists that the program be fully funded and that Congress pass what they call a “clean” CR.

But wait! I thought it was the Republicans fault? That’s odd…

The only people this will hurt, truly, are those who are being furloughed. Their jobs may be unessential to the federal government, but they’re pretty essential to their families. I’m praying for them today. Anyone know of a charity being set up to help them, supposing this goes more than a few days?

Oh yeah, one more thing. Personally, I think if we have money to give to dictatorships that use child soldiers, we have money to pay our own government employees. Call me crazy.



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