A Day in the Life

I’m often asked what our ‘homeschool’ looks like on a typical day, and since I’m always interested to hear about other people’s days, I thought I’d do a ‘day in the life’ post and try to explain how we do it.

I picked today because I was thinking about it and I figured if I planned it out it wouldn’t really be a typical day.

4:30 am – My alarm goes off. No, I don’t always get up this early. I usually get up between 5:30 and 6, but today I wanted to make apple crisp in the crock pot and mine doesn’t have a timer. I went down to the kitchen, dumped the crisp in the crock pot (I prepped it last night) and went back up to bed. I set the alarm for 5:15 but before I fell back to sleep our 3 year old climbed in to bed with me. He fell right to sleep but I never did. Around 5 I climbed out of bed, got dressed and put some make up on.

5:30 – Coffee in hand, I head down to the basement and get on the computer. I’m printing the week’s school schedules (it’s Monday), checking email and working on the blog.

6:00 – My 4 year old is up. I send him to bed with daddy.

6:45 – Both the 3 and 4 year olds are up and hanging around my chair. Much to my dismay, they will not be sent back to bed. This may have to do with the fact that I put them to bed early last night. Thankfully they open the blocks that are nearby and play for a while. I finish a blog post and write out the day’s goals and our Latin assignment on the white board. Today’s list: memory work, Latin, Storybook of Science, Adam of the Road, composer study, artist study, Shakespeare, poetry, math, language, copy work and reading.

7:30 – The 8 year old is up and we’re getting hungry. We head up to the kitchen where I scramble eggs and dish up apple crisp. The 9 year old is up; I drag the 11 year old out of bed.

8:30 – After 3 rounds of eggs I declare the kitchen is closed. Since none of the kids need to leave the house today, I call a PJ day. We rarely get to do this so it’s pretty exciting. I send them off to clean their rooms and brush their teeth with the instruction that school will start at 9. I wash dishes and pull a freezer meal out of the garage, but I can’t start it because I can’t get the crock pot clean from the apple crisp, so it’s soaking. Daddy leaves for work.

9:00 – I get my second cup of coffee and head downstairs. I turn on a youtube recording of Haydn (our term’s composer) and tell the big kids to copy the Latin off the board. Three times. (That is, I tell them three times. They write it once.) Then I help the younger boys into their Halloween costumes because they can’t wait for Halloween.

9:15 – I turn off the recording and cross ‘composer study’ off the list. Usually we listen to an episode of Classics for Kids but we’ve already done all five on Haydn. Next week we’ll read a book about him and listen to more of his work. I go through the Latin lesson with the big kids while the little boys play with blocks. It’s rather loud.

9:45 – We recite High Flight by John Gillespie Magee, Jr. and the Our Father in Spanish. I separate the boys, who are fighting over blocks.

10:00 – We read the last few pages of Twelfth Night. We then read a few pages of our poetry book and a chapter of Storybook of Science. The volume increases at intervals as I compete with crashing towers and the boys’ running commentary about their block robots.

10:20 – I call a break. The boys are bickering and it’s way too loud to get anything done. I try to turn on Super Why but it isn’t loading on Netflix. I finally give up and go with Leap Frog. I manage to scrub the crock pot out and start dinner, then I hunt down the big kids and shoo them back downstairs.

10:50 – We read a chapter of Adam of the Road and then I pull up “Boy With a Squirrel” by John Singleton Copley online. We review what we’ve learned about him (he’s our term’s artist) and spend a few minutes looking at the painting, then I close it and ask them to tell me what they remember. It’s hard to concentrate with Leap Frog singing his numbers in the background, but we get through it.

11:20 – I call another break for lunch. The kids ask for an episode of Fetch and I’m too tired to care. Normally we don’t allow any screens on school days – Leap Frog was for my sanity – and I think they know I’m easy prey today. I allow it and go to the kitchen to make lunch. On the way I start a load of laundry. And update the blog.

12:00 – Lunch – grilled cheese and bananas. I spend 15 minutes cleaning up the kitchen. After we eat, the kids ask for more television. 90 minutes of TV on a no screen day is kind of unheard of.. but then again, they’ve already read Shakespeare and learned the difference between nominative and accusative noun cases, so I figure it can’t hurt. I turn on a screen adaptation of Eric Carle books and get on Facebook.

1:00 – I put the boys down for a nap and start math with my sixth grader. The fourth grader reads and the third grader does copy work. Today’s copy work is 1 John 4:7 – they have to look it up and copy it out of the Bible.

1:15 – The boys are out of bed. They’ve been shrieking with laughter since I put them down but I’ve been ignoring them. The four year old needs the bathroom. While he’s in there, the three year old helps me switch laundry loads. And they go down again.

1:30 – More sixth grade math. The third grader has disappeared. Fourth grade starts copy work. No wait, first he argued about writing his narration of Robinson Crusoe. Then he did copy work.

2:00 – After putting the boys back to bed twice more, they’re finally asleep. Sixth grade math is done – we go over her language assignment and she starts on her reading (today it’s the Bible) and copy work. Fourth grader has also disappeared. Third grader wanders back in, so I grab her and do her math.

2:30 – Sixth grader is done! This might be a record. Fourth grader does language while I ‘supervise’ and blog. Third grader disappears again.

3:00 – Math with fourth grader.

3:30 – Sixth and third graders reappear with painted fingernails. We go over the fourth grader’s narration and I send them away so I can work on the blog post.

At 4:30 I remember I have to leave for the chiropractor at 5:30. I run upstairs and do my best to fix my hair. Dinner is done in the crock pot and is served in paper bowls (our dishwasher is broken and I have my limits).

5:15 – Daddy’s home! The angels sing.

5:30 – I run out the door – today’s errands: chiropractor, hardware store, gas station, Michaels, Starbucks with a lady from church.

9:30 – Come home, exhausted but triumphant. I have in hand 20 paint stirrer sticks and 10 wooden dowels for tomorrow’s project, but the prep work will have to wait until tomorrow.

10:00 – Good night!

What do your days look like?



2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. I really recommend getting another crock pot if that is at all possible. After 25 years of home schooling, and a husband traveling all the time – I have accumulated four crock pots, a large counter top roaster, and a “Little Dipper,” which came with one of the crock pots. As you say – they often need soaking, and having more than one covers that problem, but also allows you to make another dish at the same time. For example, I make brown rice in one crock pot, and sweet and sour chicken in the other.

    It really helped me – that and the bread machine! And if we can smooth out even one of the bumps – it somehow makes the other ones easier to navigate.

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