7 Quick Takes

I just spent way more time than I’d like to admit browsing links over at Clan Donaldson and figured I’d join in the fun! (P.S. I am aware that my current fascination with Catholic mommy bloggers seems suspicious. I am not converting. My husband’s career sort of precludes that. Also there are marked differences in Catholic and protestant faiths. But I do love me some Catholic mommy bloggers.)


To everyone who left nice comments and shared my blog about Halloween – THANK YOU!! That was really exciting for me, although I’m sure it’s no big deal for most people who blog. Since this blog is like a little baby (24 posts, y’all) it was pretty thrilling to know that people thought something I wrote was good. You guys rock!


I tried to Google my Halloween post to link it up above by searching “Brieana Smith Halloween” and guess what? Not there. I went through 9 pages of Google results! So I’m now firmly back in my place as unimportant in the world of the internets. Humility is good. Interestingly, I did find a comment I left in 2010 on Amazon about a Latin curriculum on page 2. Seriously, once it’s on the internet it’s there forever.


I need this shirt:


This morning there was a thin layer of ice on my husband’s car when he tried to leave the house. At 9:30am. Last week we had snow flurries. It’s still a week before Halloween. WHERE AM I??


My amazing pastor said this:

I think 50% of our problems are because the world is broken. 40% are because we make dumb choices. 10% are because of spiritual attack.

Find him on twitter here.


Check out Jon Acuff’s FB post about Halloween costumes. Some of those costume ideas are brilliant! My personal favorites: I, II and III John (read the link) and the bumblebee holding a lamb. Behold the lamb.. get it? Lame jokes slay me.


Happy Fall!



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