7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

This week was relatively boring at our house. Except that it snowed on Tuesday. Wednesday morning we enjoyed one of the many delights of homeschooling by pushing back the school day an hour and going sledding in the backyard. It was an absolutely perfect morning, bright, cold and clear. There were still some scarlet leaves on the trees, everything was white and glittering and the sky was blue. It was the kind of day I wish I could capture and savor forever. And the kids had a great time with only one episode of tears from snow in the face. It was epic.

— 2 —

Anyway, because our week was uneventful, I’m filling up my 7 takes with fun stuff from around the internet. Remember when we all took the Myers Briggs? Guess what my friend sent me? It’s awesome. Except I’m Emperor Palpatine. And my husband is Natalie Portman. But still, fun to look at.

— 3 —

This made me laugh. (Click to enlarge.)

— 4 —

Here’s a fun grammar test. You know, for us nerdy folks. I did get one wrong – i.e. vs. e.g. I can never keep my Latin straight.

— 5 —

As did this. Plus the designer is from Minnesota, so that’s cool. Click the picture for the article.

— 6 —

I found this article to be very interesting. Turns out we Americans aren’t doomed after all. (Maybe.) Click to enlarge.

— 7 —

Oh yeah, my kid did say something funny this morning. As we were getting dressed he shouted, “Mom! I want to be a black guy today!” Turns out he wanted to wear all black. We start his sensitivity training tomorrow.

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