Brieana’s Day in the Life with a 14, 12, 10, 7, 5 and 1 year old


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I had a hard time submitting this as my ‘day in the life’ because it wasn’t a typical day. I typically shower before my day starts, we typically start at 8, not 8:30 and we don’t typically watch movies in the middle of the day. But then I realized that none of the other days available would work – we had co-op, a history movie day and doctor’s appointments. I guess the moral is, there are very few typical days. 

My alarm goes off at 4:00, but I set it again for 6:00. Even though I’ve been getting up early lately, today I’m going to sleep in so I can stay up ‘late’ tonight and spend some much-needed time with my husband.

At 6:00, I get up and head downstairs to wake up my 14-year old. She’s attending a classical charter school this year, and needs to leave the house by 7:15 to be at school on time. Then I head to the kitchen to make chocolate chip muffins, which the boys have been asking for.

The 1- and 5-year olds are up by 6:30, peering into the oven to watch the muffins bake. I unload the dishwasher and start packing lunches. By 7:00, breakfast is ready, lunches are packed and my 7-year old is up. I start the younger three on muffins and yogurt and go down to wake up the 10-and 12-year olds. My husband leaves at 7:15 to take our oldest to school and by 7:30 the rest of us are at the breakfast table.

Today we do Bible during breakfast because I’m hoping to sneak in a shower later. It works so well that I think we might start doing it every day. I agree to a pajama day (not typical!) and send everyone to brush teeth while I clean up the kitchen and check email on my phone.

At 8:30 we’re finally ready to begin. I round everyone up and we start by reciting math facts while we do calisthenics. Then we all sit at the table with our math workbooks (CLE for the 5th and 6th graders, Singapore for the 1st grader). My 5-year old colors in his human body coloring book and I read books to the baby. I take her to bed just after nine and return to help my 1st-grader with his math box. I then read to the 5-and 7-year olds from Great Estimations and math is done by 9:30. I let the kids take 15 minutes while I grade the 6th-grader’s test and pull out our language arts supplies.

9:45 – we begin language arts with a prepositions game. We list as many prepositions as we can on the white board and then the kids write (very) short stories using as many as possible. My 1st-grader dictates his story to me and I write it down. We take turns reading them and in general it’s great fun. While I do a reading lesson with the 5-year old, the other three work on grammar (Rod and Staff), spelling (Spelling Workout) and handwriting (the 1st-grader uses Zaner-Bloser, the other two have sentences to copy). The older two also do Latin at this time.

11:00 – The baby is still sleeping (not typical!) so I run up for a shower. I let the kids watch the end of Into the Woods, which they started last night. At 11:30 the baby is up and it’s time for lunch. I leave them to it and eat my lunch while working on this post.

12:15 – Clean up after lunch and all the kids get dressed and go outside. I even take the baby outside, even though it’s 40 degrees out. Then I curl my hair and throw on some makeup while the kids read. Or pretend to read while they play with the baby on the top bunk. (!)

1:00 – Our afternoons are reserved for history and science homework (they take these classes at our co-op on Thursdays) and for our Charlotte Mason hold-overs; composer study, artist study and poetry. We also do logic and read aloud. Today we’re reading out of Apologia’s “Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics” and studying some of the terms for a game they’ll play at class. We’re also reading some of R.L. Stevenson’s poetry and C.S. Lewis’s “The Horse and His Boy”. I found a video about vortexes, so we watch that, too. The baby tears the house apart.

2:45 – I need to leave to pick up my 14-year old. I also need to stop at the library and pick up some things at the store. The 12- and 10-year olds get to stay home to finish school work and chores, the rest of us head out.

4:45 – Home! I do cook, mostly, but tonight we have church so I start the oven for frozen fish and french fries. The kids watch a show while I make curried rice for my history class in the morning (we’re studying ancient India). I also do math homework with my 14-year old and check in with her about the rest of her classes.

5:30 – Husband is home and we eat dinner. I leave him with the mess and the baby (he’s a pretty great guy) and the rest of us leave for church at 6:00. I’ll get home around 8:15 with the 10-, 7- and 5- year olds, and while I get them in bed, my husband will run back to the church to pick up the older two from youth. When he gets back, near nine, I’ll double check with the oldest to make sure she’s ready for school tomorrow and go over the other kids’ work from the day. I also need to make sure I’m packed and ready for my class, and tidy up the house as much as possible. As it turns out, while he was supposed to be getting ready for bed, the 5-year old was playing with play dough on the family room carpet, so I end up fully cleaning and vacuuming that room. Hey, at least it’s done!

By 10:00, everyone is in bed. My husband and I snuggle up to watch a show and talk the presidential race, and I finally turn out the light at 11:00. I may regret it when my alarm goes off in five hours, but I’m glad I spent this time with him.

This year has been especially busy as we transition to having one in school, two doing middle school work, two doing early elementary work AND having a baby. It has been rough, I’m not going to lie, but today went as smoothly as I could have hoped.

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What about you? What does your homeschool look like?





8 thoughts on “Brieana’s Day in the Life with a 14, 12, 10, 7, 5 and 1 year old

  1. I’m interested in how you do language arts with your littles? I have a 7, 5, and 1 year old as well, and have no idea what I am doing with language arts…None of our days look the same either. On the particular day I used for our “day in the life” my kids slept two hours later than they ever have! But, it was a good day nonetheless!

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