Why I Get Up at 4:00 in the Morning

There are a lot of small words in that title, and I’m not sure I capitalized them properly.

Anyway, lest you think I’m some kind of amazing, superwoman, the getting up at 4am thing is very recent. But so far, it’s working pretty well for me.

I have always been a morning person. I feel more energized, my brain feels clearer. It’s much easier to think straight before the crush of the day begins and three people are asking for help with math or food or where their socks are. I can actually get stuff done, and starting my day with a feeling of accomplishment is a huge lift.

My kids are also early risers. Some not by choice; my oldest gets up at 6 for school, but my 7, 5 and 1 year olds are always up before 7, all on their own. Which means if I want time to myself, it has to be before then. And my teenager stays up until 9:30 or 10, so evening alone time is out of the question.

Early morning time is when I can do all the little things I would like to do, that never get done, like exercise and read blogs and write. And surprisingly, even a 4am wake up call doesn’t get me that much time. Here’s what my mornings look like:

4:00 – Alarm goes off

4:10 – Go downstairs and do 15 minutes of yoga

4:30 – Shower, dress, do makeup (and sometimes hair, depends on the day)

5:00 – Make coffee (and breakfast – breakfast is important)

5:15 – Settle in at the computer to catch up on reading or work on the blog, or grab my Bible and do some studying

6:00 – Wake up my oldest

6:15ish – Head upstairs to start breakfast/pack lunches/put away dishes

Between 6:30-7 my younger kids start waking up and coming in for breakfast.

7:00 – Wake up 12 and 10 year olds

And then it’s all chaos until bedtime! That time alone and the accomplishing of things that are good for me (exercise, breakfast, reading and writing) mean that I can really be present with my kids during the day. I can focus on what we’re doing rather than thinking about all the things I’d like to get done, but can’t because all these blessings are asking me for stuff when all I want is a few minutes to myself, darn it!

So it’s good.

What time do you get up?





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